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John Cheese is An Arrogant Douche: Let's discuss some of the defenses deployed by Cheese and his best friend David Wong (who happens to be the Senior...


1) They’re jealous.

If someone takes offense to Cheese’s aggressively arrogant self-presentation and unfounded snobbery, the most common response seen in the Cracked forums and elsewhere is that the critic must simply be a “troll” who doesn’t like the fact that he or she isn’t getting similar…

A very good expose of three juvenile, very hypocritical, and highly fallacious arguments used by Cheesewong to deflect any reasonable criticism of their work, words or actions.

John Cheese is An Arrogant Douche: John Cheese Begs for Money He Doesn't Need


Start here: A Plea For Help

It’s a rambling whine-fest, but the short version is, about 4 months before his wedding, Cheese asked his fans to pay for large portions of it. He didn’t have a wedding he could afford (like most people are forced to), nor did he use credit (again, like most…

A MUST READ! A thorough description of how Cheese begged his fans for money to pay for his “bare bones” wedding, and ended up buying himself a rather fancy wedding PLUS a smartphone and a computer upgrade with that money - while at the same time NOT giving his fans back the one and only thing he had promised them: a video of the wedding.

John Cheese is An Arrogant Douche: Mission Statement


Should be self-explanatory, but just in case: this Tumblr will detail the voluminous ways the “comedian” John Cheese is an arrogant douche.

We all realize that arrogant douchiness is hardly unique to Cheese, and typically not worthy of documentation. Cheese, however, has determined that he is:

Yesss! Someone taking on the task of exposing Cheese’s douchebag behaviour!

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